Sentinel Visualizer Does Not Start


When launching Sentinel Visualizer, its splash screen appears, the program loads (you can see the program frame and main menu), then immediately closes.


Sentinel Visualizer is trying to load the last database you opened and its Microsoft SQL Server host is not running.

Microsoft SQL ServerSolution: Restart Microsoft SQL Server

  1. Open Windows Control Panel

  2. Run Administrative Tools

  3. Double-click on Services:
    Windows Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Services

  4. Scroll down to (and highlight) "SQL Server (SENT4EXPRESS)". It may show Startup Type as Manual, or be temporarily stopped. Right-click and choose Start:
    Restart SQL Server Express Instance for Sentinel Visualizer

  5. Restart Sentinel Visualizer

If in Step 4, SQL Server's status was already "Running" the problem lies elsewhere. Email our support team at with the issue and we will reply as soon as possible.

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