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Sentinel Visualizer Revolutionizes Data Analysis

Originally built for mission-critical national security needs, Sentinel Visualizer is now available beyond the Intelligence Community

Tysons Corner, VA – (September 5, 2007) FMS ( – the Tysons Corner based software development firm with a global reputation for innovation – announced today the launch of Sentinel Visualizer, a new product for customers with advanced data visualization tools that are not found in any other system.

"We are excited to bring our advanced technology and experience from the intelligence community to a broader market," said Luke Chung, President and founder of FMS. "From Sentinel’s initial acceptance by the intelligence community, In-Q-Tel’s investment in FMS in 2005, to today, we’ve continually enhanced Sentinel Visualizer to meet the demanding needs of analysts."

Sentinel Visualizer introduces the capabilities of advanced Social Network Analysis, providing the ability to see and analyze complex relationships that exist within data. "Sentinel Visualizer enables state and local government agencies, police departments, and fusion centers to better analyze data," says Bob Batty, President and CEO of Forensic Logic which manages the data for the Texas law enforcement community. "This in turn leads to high-quality, actionable intelligence."

As Dan Haught, Executive Vice President, further explains, "Sentinel Visualizer empowers its users to gain the maximum value from their data by using an advanced set of tools that go beyond the traditional method of analyzing data in rows and columns. By visualizing data in many different ways, they can find hidden relationships and trends that were not discovered previously."

For example, data involving people can be analyzed and manipulated to determine key relationships, such as who talks to whom, and who’s related to whom. Entities and events can be depicted visually so the user can see their timing and create connections between seemingly unrelated information and relationships. There are also geospatial tools to map, analyze and compare locations, and temporal capabilities to view how situations have changed over time.

"Sentinel Visualizer is robust enough to handle complex and meaningful link and social network analyses over complex data, yet intuitive enough to be immediately accessible," said Jonathan Adams, Principal of the Solutions Group at Eastport Analytics in Arlington, VA. "The new query and data management capabilities, as well as previously unavailable non-enterprise licensing options, make Sentinel Visualizer a competitive alternative to other link analysis products on the market."

Sentinel Visualizer recognizes that all data is not equal in importance, credibility, or reliability. "By allowing users to tag and filter data, apply weightings to relationships, and automatically redraw link charts," Chung continues, "Sentinel Visualizer more accurately reflects reality and lets analysts and researchers maximize the value of their data. The result is quicker and better decisions."

"Sentinel Visualizer represents an innovative use of Microsoft SQL Server and Visual Studio .NET to deliver the next generation data analysis and visualization solutions to Federal Agencies," said Kris Teutsch, Director of Intelligence and the Department of Homeland Security for Microsoft Corporation.

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The FMS Advanced Systems Group is a division of FMS, Inc. an award-winning small minority-owned business with 20+ years of experience delivering proven solutions to a wide range of customers. With tens of thousands of customers, FMS applications are widely used by commercial and government organizations in the US and over 100 countries. The Advanced Systems Group focuses on visualization and analytical solutions for the Federal Government, Law Enforcement, and commercial customers. FMS is an In-Q-Tel Portfolio company.

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