Boston Marathon Bombing

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Building a Picture of the Boston Marathon Bombing Suspects through Social Network Analysis

MIT Technology Review As the rampage and manhunt in Boston, Cambridge, and Watertown transpired, MIT Technology Review published an article that mentioned our Sentinel Visualizer product.

In the article, David Talbot describes the rise of technology to detect the activities of criminals over the Internet and connect seemingly unrelated people, places and things.

Through the power of link analysis visualization, geospatial mapping, timelines, social network analysis (SNA), and other tools to find people trying to hide their identities and activities, Sentinel Visualizer maximizes the value of the data in your knowledgebase.

The April 19, 2013 article is entitled: Building a Picture of the Bomb Suspects through Social Network Analysis

Our Condolences and Hopes

Of course, MIT itself suffered a tragic loss with the senseless murder of one of their young police officers Sean Collier. We offer our deepest sympathies to his family and friends, and everyone else affected by the mayhem across the region. Now that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is under arrest, and his brother Tamerlan is dead, we hope the Boston communities can feel more at ease, though marathons and the Boston Marathon will never be the same again.

As always, we at FMS are dedicated to helping law enforcement and security personnel ensure a safer future for everyone.

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