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The FMS Advanced Systems Group is proud to partner with a select group of outstanding companies and organizations. In the development of a flexible system, interaction with partner solutions offers our customer tremendous power and flexibility. Here are some of our technology integration partners.

Analytic Technology Industry Roundtable

The Analytic Technology Industry Roundtable Corporation is a private, not-for-profit corporation that operates federally funded research and development centers, MITRE provides the Roundtable with a neutral environment, guidance, and structure.

Basis Technology

Basis Technology's mission is to improve the process of extracting meaningful intelligence from unstructured multilingual text by developing the industry's best linguistics software.

Crime Tech Solutions

Crime Tech Solutions is an authorized distributor for our Sentinel Visualizer link and social network analysis software. The company has a specific focus on the law enforcement and crime analyst markets, to whom they market and support a full suite of products. Along with link analysis, Crime Tech Solutions delivers criminal intelligence management software, investigative case management software, gang intelligence database systems, and sophisticated crime analytics software with mapping and predictive policing.

Forensic Logic

Forensic Logic's mission is to help those who protect and serve by delivering critical information and analysis to law enforcement, public safety and homeland security personnel.

InQTel Portfolio Company

In-Q-Tel identifies and partners with companies developing cutting-edge technologies to help deliver these solutions to the Central Intelligence Agency and the broader U.S. Intelligence Community (IC) to further their missions. The FMS Advanced Systems Group is an InQTel portfolio company.


IT-SECURITYS is an IT solutions provider and systems integrator aiding its costumers align their business processes with their IT infrastructure, protect their valuable data with our portfolio of security solutions and extend their data knowledge analyzing it with Sentinel Visualizer.

MAISHA Consulting

MAISHA is a risk and security consultancy, specializing in environmental and wildlife crime and anti-contraband trafficking. MAISHA's core team is comprised of international experts from the worlds of special operations, cyber security, intelligence, law enforcement and financial crime tracking. All of our experts have extensive feet-on-the-ground experience in Africa. Our team creates and implements holistic solutions to counter the increasing sophistication of wildlife and environmental crime.

Microsoft Certified Partner

Microsoft's mission is to help people and businesses throughout the world realized their full potential. FMS has been a Microsoft Certified Partner for over two decades and has approval to deploy solutions on their commercial and secure government platforms.

Additional Partners Welcome

As a provider of commercial software to government and industry, we understand the challenges faced by system integrators, consultants, Independent Software Vendors (ISV), and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). Customers demand rapid results and cost-effective solutions. By incorporating Sentinel Visualizer technology into your solutions, you can meet your customer's needs in days instead of months.

Sentinel Visualizer is customizable to specific missions and needs. This capability allows our partners to quickly integrate state of the art data visualization, link analysis, social network analysis, and other advanced analytics into new or existing customer requirements.

Contact us to learn about the benefits of partnering with the FMS Advanced Systems Group: we stand ready to help you meet your goals.

Microsoft Certified Partner

Microsoft Partner Netework

Partners Welcome

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In-Q-Tel Portfolio Company

InQTel Portfolio Company
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