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Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition

The ability to store, manage, and organize large amounts of data is critical to your mission. Sentinel Visualizer stores its data in a Microsoft SQL Server database that offers a high-performance in a secure yet flexible, open, and industry standard platform that's highly scalable and extensible. Your database can be run locally using the free SQL Server Express, an on-premise SQL Server host, or a cloud host such as Microsoft Azure.

  • Import data quickly from a comprehensive variety of data sources.
  • Protect data through secure user authentication, access control lists, classification levels, and dissemination control.
  • Organize and store a rich array of data types, including people, places, transactions, organizations, locations, etc.
  • Find the data you are looking for with name disambiguation features. Easily find data even if you are unsure of the spelling or pronunciation.

Sentinel Visualizer - Data Access

The Sentinel Visualizer Knowledge Base makes it easy to store and manage any type of data. You can work with people, places, organizations, email addresses, companies - virtually any data type. You can also add your own metadata types to the system for complete flexibility.

Sentinel Visualizer - Search

Search options make it easy to find the data you need. Use our Search Assist feature to find items by name, even when you aren't sure of spelling or non-English name variations - all possible through our phonetic matching capabilities. Use Advanced Search to build detailed queries on multiple criteria. Sort and group results, and view images inline with data. Rearrange the results grid, generate and print reports, and see the search accuracy for every item found.

Sentinel Visualizer - Data Management

Sentinel Visualizer lets you store and organize complex data with ease. With user-configurable metadata, you can add your own data fields to entities and relationships. Store any number of file objects, including documents, emails, video, images, etc. Add any number of notes with fonts, colors, bullets, and spell-checking. Store temporal data for timeline analysis, and identify the reliability of source and credibility of information for each data element. Track additions and changes by user and date.

Sentinel Visualizer - Data Relationships

Sentinel Visualizer provides a comprehensive relationship model that allows you to extend the built-in collection of relationship types with your own. Assign weights to each relationship type, and group relationships by organization, hierarchy, social, temporal, or any category you define. Assign credibility ratings to relationship information, along with details about the source and links to original source content or database.

Sentinel Visualizer - Data Relationships

The Sentinel Visualizer Knowledge Base is built on the belief that shared information is better information. The system is fully multi-user capable, and allows you to build reports and presentations. Sharing data within Sentinel Visualizer is automatic - users have access to information through a secure logon environment. Track changes by users, and make personal copies of analysis and visualization data. Sharing data with non-Sentinel Visualizer users is also easy: export data in a variety of formats, including Word, Excel, PDF and web pages.

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