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Empowering the demanding needs of intelligence analysts, law enforcement, investigators, researchers, and information workers, Sentinel Visualizer is the next generation data visualization and analysis solution for your big data.

With cutting edge features and best-of-breed usability, Sentinel Visualizer provides you with insight into patterns and trends hidden in your data. Its database driven data visualization platform lets you quickly see multi-level links among entities and model different relationship types. Advanced drawing and redrawing features generate optimized views to highlight the most important entities.

Social Network Analysis (SNA) metrics reveal the most interesting suspects in complex webs. With advanced filtering, squelching, weighted relationship types, shortest path analysis, timelines, and integrated geospatial features, Sentinel Visualizer helps you maximize the value of your data.

Product Highlights

  • Integrated knowledgebase, link analysis, social network analysis, geospatial, and timelines
  • Industry standard database format
  • Supports network multi-user environments
  • Laptop deployable
  • Multiple monitor support
  • Originally created for the intelligence community
  • FREE Trial Version
  • No Dongle

Link Analysis

Turn rows and columns into visual data revealing multi-level hierarchical relationships and hidden links among people, places and events.

Advanced Link Analysis with Custom Graphics

Link Analysis and Data Visualization with Sentinel Visualizer

Data Visualization

See the connections between things with multiple formats including link charts, geospatial views, timelines, and 3D displays.

Data Visualization with link charts, maps, timelines, 3D displays

Social Network Analysis

Employ automatic Social Network Analysis to instantly identify key points, centrality, and node importance by a variety of criteria.

Social Network Analysis

Integrated Knowledgebase

Only Sentinel Visualizer gives you a powerful and configurable knowledgebase that makes it easy to store any information: text, graphics, documents, video, audio, etc. Move beyond simple "cards" with a flexible multi-user data repository that is directly integrated with visualization and analysis tools.

Integrated Knowledgebase

Sentinel Visualizer Takes You Beyond Traditional Link Analysis

  • Data visualization capabilities including 2D and 3D link charts and stereoscopic graphs
  • Built-in Social Network Analysis and Advanced Network Analysis
  • Automated layout tools to organize complex network charts
  • Geospatial Integration with Google Earth
  • Detection of network cut-points
  • Temporal Analysis
  • De-clutter tools to filter out noise and non-credible information
  • Advanced tools such as shortest path, all paths, and gradient metrics
  • Automated cluster/cell detection
  • Supports an unlimited number of databases
  • Integrated scalable entity and relationship knowledgebase
  • Name disambiguation through aliases and fuzzy searching
  • Grading of reliability of source and credibility of information for relationship information
  • Built-in support for storing any type of document (binary or text) in the knowledgebase
  • Administrator-configurable data types
  • Extensible metadata model for complete customization
  • Data import wizard for easy integration with many data sources
  • Dataset Builder to build complex queries quickly
  • Rich reporting exports to Excel, Word, PDF, and HTML
  • Export data to industry-standard XML format

customer quotesCustomer Quotes

"Sentinel Visualizer is robust enough to handle complex and meaningful link and social network analyses over complex data, yet intuitive enough to be immediately accessible. The new query and data management capabilities, as well as previously unavailable non-enterprise licensing options, make Sentinel Visualizer a competitive alternative to other link analysis products on the market."
Jonathan Adams
Principal of the Solutions Group at Eastport Analytics
Arlington, VA

"Sentinel Visualizer enables state and local government agencies, police departments, and fusion centers to better analyze data. This in turn leads to high-quality, actionable intelligence."
Bob Batty
President and CEO of Forensic Logic which manages the data for the Texas law enforcement community

"Sentinel Visualizer represents an innovative use of Microsoft SQL Server and Visual Studio .NET to deliver the next generation data analysis and visualization solutions to Federal Agencies"
Kris Teutsch
Director of Intelligence and the Department of Homeland Security, Microsoft Corporation, Reston, VA

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