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Sentinel Visualizer allows your link analysis charts to be saved and shared.

Sentinel Visualizer Reader is a FREE, view-only software application that opens data visualization (link analysis) charts created by licensed users of Sentinel Visualizer. Reader Users can view the links and drill-down to the data behind the chart including metadata, notes, topics, documents, and information on the Brief tab. but they cannot change the data.

Free Connections to Your Database

Users with permission to your Sentinel Visualizer database, can run the Reader to connect to the database to see your work.

Distribute Copies of Your Work to Others

For those without permission to your database, you can export your work to a file to distribute. hose recipients can install Reader for free and open the charts. Just like Adobe Reader is free and allows you to open a PDF file, Sentinel Reader is free and allows you to open an SVX file. The SVX file is a "mini database" that Reader can open but users cannot modify.

Go to the Download section to get the free installation program.

Sentinel Visualizer Reader lets you open and view diagrams exported by a licensed Sentinel Visualizer user. A Reader User can:

  • View the network link chart
  • Click on individual nodes and view its details (brief, metadata, topics, notes)
  • Click on individual relationships and view its details (including dates, weight, value, credibility, reliability, metadata, notes, topics, and more)
  • Visualize the Gradients including Degree, Closeness, Betweeness, and more
  • Calculate the Network Metrics including Degree, Closeness, Betweeness, and more
  • Perform Temporal Analysis using Sentinel Visualizer's Time Range tool
  • Interface to Google Earth for geospatial analysis
  • Move objects around the link charts
  • Zoom-in and navigate around the diagram using the Navigator tool
  • View the diagram in 3D ... standard and anaglyph
  • Open a saved diagram directly from a Sentinel Visualizer database

Sentinel Visualizer Reader differs from the fully-licensed edition by not supporting:

  • Adding items to the link chart
  • Removing items from the link chart
  • Changing the link chart layout
  • Creating reports
  • Saving changes
  • Performing a declutter of the data
  • Showing Shortest Path between two entities
  • Generating Link Traversal of connections between two entities through multiple degrees of separation
  • Internet search from a selected entity
  • Administrative tasks like creating databases, making backups, changing passwords, etc.

Also note that when a file is distributed, it's not connected to the live database, so the data may become out-of-date.

From the toolbar of the Visualizer pane in the licensed version, choose Output, then Data Exchange File. Name the file, click Save and specify the path and file name. Once created, you can share the SVX file to whomever you like.

Simply have your colleagues click on this link to download and install the FREE Sentinel Visualizer Reader. They can then connect to your Sentinel Visualizer database directly if you give them permission, or you can send an SVX file to them to see your work..

Download Sentinel Visualizer Reader

After downloading from the link, above, just click on the .EXE and install the software. It's as simple as that.

After the software is installed and running, the Reader User can click the Open icon to retrieve the SVX file you've created.

If they have permission to your database, they can select Open Database to choose the database, select Visualizer and click the Open icon to choose your saved chart.

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