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PDF Brochure All data has hidden meanings, patterns, and trends, but identifying them is a challenge that only advanced automated analysis can address. Sentinel Visualizer offers some of the most sophisticated analytic capabilities available.

With Sentinel Visualizer Automated Analysis you can:

  • Identify central players automatically
  • Locate organizational cut-points
  • Perform timeline analysis
  • Organize complex data relationships into cells and cliques
  • Include your own metadata in the analysis process
  • Find all paths, the shortest path, or the best paths between two entities
  • Build simple or complex models that mirror your mission's parameters

Social Network Analysis Visualization and Metrics

Sentinel Visualizer includes Network Metrics—our advanced technology for identifying, grouping, and ranking complex inter-related data.

With a foundation in Social Network Analysis (SNA), our system provides the ability to rank centrality, threat level, and other key metrics even within large complex datasets. But unlike other SNA-based systems, Network Metrics extends the analysis model by assigning specific meaning and weighting that models your data and mission.

Network Metrics are generated as a set of sortable numbers—you can quickly see central or highly-connected players in a network. Sentinel Visualizer takes this capability to the next level with Gradient Metrics—the ability to automatically apply numeric rankings to the visual appearance of the network. You can specify colors for low and high values and/or size the entities by a value for Sentinel Visualizer to display.

This feature makes it easy to visually acquire meaning in even the most complex inter-related data.

Color Gradients Highlight Important Entities in the Network
Color Gradients Highlight Important Entities in the Network

Size Visually Highlights Relative Importance
Size Can Also Be Used to Visually Highlights Relative Importance

Combine Color and Size to Prioritize Entities
Combine Color and Size to Prioritize Entities

There are many gradient options you can specify for Color, Size, Entities, and Relationships:

Gradient Metric Options
Gradient Metric Options

Sentinel Visualizer provides a powerful Time Range interface that hides or shows data based on a time slider control. Temporal Analysis makes it easy to see how networks form, change, and interact with each other over time. This capability allows you to spot patterns and predict actions and behaviors. The Time Range interface supports ranges down to the second level, and includes the ability to visually define time spans and ranges.

Temporal and Timeline Analysis

Link Analysis Visualization

All information is not equal, just as all objects and all links between objects are not equal. While traditional link analysis fails to take this into account, Sentinel Visualizer Automated Analysis provides you with unprecedented accuracy through weighting. Sentinel Visualizer gives you the ability to accurately model simple or complex systems by specifying the weight of entity and relationship types, information credibility, and a variety of other parameters.

Path analysis of relationship link charts

How are things connected? What connection paths do people work through? What is the shortest or best path between two data elements? Sentinel Visualizer provides a variety of tools that make it easy for you to answer such questions. With highly optimized graph algorithms, you can quickly see all paths, the shortest path, or only the best paths between entities based on your specific criteria.

Cells, Nodes, and Cliques among Relationships

By analyzing the results of network statistics, Sentinel Visualizer provides additional tools that help you find meaning in your data. Sentinel Visualizer pinpoints and provides a visual representation of cells or cliques: groups of entities within a network that are closely connected to each other. Sentinel Visualizer also locates and displays cut-points, or entities whose removal would seriously disrupt or completely destroy the link between sub-groups.

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